"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
I remember my first fanny pack like it was yesterday. (Yes, first means there was more than one.) It was pink with Mickey Mouse prints covering it. It had one main pocket, with a smaller zipper inside to hold all the valuables a four-year-old could dream of. My second fanny pack was fluorescent with my initials sewn into it. It matched my personalized fluorescent backpack. Yes, I was a child of the '90's. Admit it, you had one too. Whether it was a family vacation or a class trip, the fanny pack was a wardrobe staple.

So tonight I was at Austin's soccer game and I noticed the ref wearing a fanny pack. Now, this was not my first fanny pack sighting this week. (I've seen many, in fact, including a man wearing his slung across his body, like a satchel. Hey, when it's hot, find any way to wear it.) Yes friends, the pack is back. Or maybe, on my side of the water, it never left.

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