"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
The smell of September is in the air,
Students shall rush in and begin to stare,
They'll look past their friends to find "The Foreigner."
What do you know? I guess I'm her!
80 students per class, lined wall to wall,
It will be a wonder if I can teach them all!
18 classes a week, each full as can be,
That's over 1300 students, you see!

Is it normal to be here, full grown in size,
yet with a tummy raging full of butterflies?
Should a supposed adult feel such apprehension,
such nervousness before teaching a lesson?
Well, ready or not, it's time to shine.
Starting tomorrow, these students are mine.
I really do love it; my job is so cool.
I just need to get through the first day of school.

09/04/2010 8:56pm

First off, the poem is great! I love the AA BB pattern. :) Second, those students are going to LOVE you! You are SO creative and are an amazing teacher! :) (I mean, come on, who builds a cave in their classroom???) I'll be thinking of you as you start!

PS.... the stacks of books on their desks are intense!


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