"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
I turned 24 this year. TWENTY-FOUR! That's a big number! Besides a quarter-life crisis, making sure I wasn't wasting my life, I spent my special day with my wonderful husband and students. That weekend, Austin threw me a birthday party with some of our friends from the local college. Here are some pictures:

First, we had an instructional Ants on a Log making session. They loved it!
Then, we had some birthday charades... this was really fun. We made them up ourselves and chose all kinds of random things, like "a spider eating pizza," "pizza eating a spider," "purple dinosaur," "the man of my dreams," and lots of others.
Sadly, when it was time for cake/brownies, the candles were really cheap and melted upon impact with the warm dessert.
Some people say the best part about a party is the people. They lie. Let's just be honest here, it's the dessert that takes the cake. Austin made a chocolate brownie/cake to be eaten warm with some ice cream (soft-serve ice-cream with oreo pieces mixed in, frozen... yeah, that's cookies and cream ice-cream!!!) It was amazing!

Our friends held the plates in their hands and were so amazed-- "Wow! Cold on one half. Hot on the other half."
I just love him, and from the look on his face, I think it's mutual.

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