"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
The weather has been awful lately. In the past two months, we've probably seen the sun less than a handful of days.
So many days before that...          4 days ago...          3 days ago...              2 days ago...            yesterday...           SUNDAY!!!
So today, we put on some shorts and went out to play! We met up with some friends at the college and played some ping pong. Not being a big fan of any sport involving a ball (mostly due to lack of coordination and scarring childhood experiences), at first I served as photographer. Later on, however, I decided to take a shot at playing. Here's just one of the winning shots. You will note my excellent ping pong form, I hope:
On sunny days, we're not the only ones that go out to play... So does every blanket and piece of clothing on campus, it seems! Everyone likes to air out their quilts and dry their clothes. Our campus itself looks something like a quilt with all the different blankets draped over bushes, grass, trees, and anything else in the way!

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