"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
Austin bought me a bike for Valentine's Day/ my half-birthday. It's blue and it has a basket. (It used to have a bell but it broke. Now I make my own bell noises with my mouth when I want to pass somebody on the street.)

The bike was super great and useful, but with just one bike, we weren't getting to use it when we wanted to go places as a couple, which is pretty much all the time. (One time I did sit on the back metal rack while Aus rode, and while many people here do this, I thought it was terrifying.)

SO... A few weeks ago, one of our friends was moving out of town and I bought his bike from him. I didn't try out the bike before agreeing to buy it. I paid about $6 for the bike. It's probably worth $1 or $2. Total. Piece. of. Junk. When Austin rides it, it shakes and rattles, but it also rolls just fine.

Here are our wheels:
We like to call the blue one the Prius. It's fast, efficient, and perfect for a girl on the go!

The red one, on the other hand, is the Ferrari. It's racer-red, a classic edition, and oh, so dangerous!

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