"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
For teachers in America, a new year of school means another round of school pictures. For foreigners living in China, it means it's time to head to the photo store again to have an official mugshot taken, the picture that will be used for residence permits, health certificates, applications, and all such forms for the next year. Our pictures this year were better than last year at least.
And, as an added bonus, when we went to pick up the pictures, they told us we look very in love* and they'd like to take some more photos of us just for fun this weekend if we have free time.

*The idea of us being "in love" may have come from the way we were laughing hysterically together as Austin waved a mannequin head around behind the photographer as he was shooting my picture. (They keep mannequin heads around in photo shops to practice hairdressing and makeup, all part of the deal when you go for a photo shoot.)

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