"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller

Introducing... the products that tempt us upon arrival at the local supermarket. How can one resist? Take one look at the descriptions, and you'll be sold!

1.Strawberry Vinegar:
this is an excerpt from the back of the label.
"The drink was made of the high quality strawberry, and with internal advanced technology.  It will be the future fashion drink. This add the XO, also may directly or exchanges the water, with the drinks better."

2. Loaf of bread:
Delicious Bread
once you try it you cann't stop it"

Again, how could I resist?
3. Chocolate snack:
"Julie's... bakes better biscuits."

Better than who? And where are the biscuits?  And look at Julie... Do you really trust a face like that?
4. Cake box:
Of course, if you want the very best there is to offer, you can always turn to a "Drofeffional Bakery." You have to go to school a long time to work in a place like that. :)

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