"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
My students recently studied all there was to know about holidays. Among the knowledge they acquired was that, "The two main symbols of Easter are Easter eggs and a bunny."

Inspired, I ran to the local supermarket to pick up some Easter eggs for an egg hunt. Shockingly enough, there either were none to begin with or they were already sold out, so I had to settle for hard-boiled eggs for this year's A.B. Sirles Family Egg Hunt.

I hid 15 hard-boiled eggs around the house, mostly inside, but I did manage to balance one on the ledge of our 4th floor apartment. Austin had a great time searching. Here's a slide show with several pictures of the hunt:
After Austin had found all of the eggs, we dyed the eggs. We used some oil pastels to draw designs before adding color with dye. Though I was not surprised, Austin's artistic ability did impress me quite a lot!
The happy egg-coloring couple:
Our basket of eggs:
Here's a little slide show with the eggs we made, including what they're each supposed to be and who created them:

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