"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
 I walk into class with an ovation from my new students.  

“Good Morning! How are you?”

In unison: “Fine, thank you, and you?”

“Oh, I’m great. I’m so excited to meet you.”

A few students: “Nice to mee-ta you.” (I love how English is spoken as a tonal language here…)

Some students: “Can I make-ah friends with you?”

“Nice to meet you too. Of course we can be friends. My name is Bethany.”

Students: “I know, I know. Bessssssssany.” (By this point, it's likely they'd all seen a copy of my passport as a "cultural relic" or something.)

 “Some students say Bessssssany, but no no no, this is not my name.” Students laugh. “It’s BeTHany.” [shout out for the “TH” sound—it’s beautiful!]

A couple of boys: “Sexy, So beautiful!”

“I am from America.”

A few students: “Welcome to our country!” “Ohhh! Ah-mah-rica!”

“I came here one year ago.”

Several students: [consulting each other] “One year? One year ago? What meaning?”

[I translate my previous sentence into their language.]

Students: “Ooh! Do you know our language? So ca-lever!”

“I came here because I wanted to travel. I came here because I wanted to teach. I came here because I wanted to make new friends. “

One boy: “A boy fa-rend?”

“No. I do not need a boyfriend. I came here with my best friend. He is my husband. His name is Austin.”

Students: “Ooooooh!”

One boy: “Is he more be-u-ti-ful than me?

“I think so.”

The boy: “I don’t thin-ka so!”

Now that we’d exhausted the scope of many students’ English, it was time to begin today’s lesson.

To the left, a construction site. To the right, my classroom building. Lovely. Just lovely. Last Thursday there were literally 4 guys outside my window banging on steel.

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