"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
Here's just a quick note about some back to school bloopers... in case you haven't heard. Hope you can get a laugh...

1. I was talking with my students about kickboxing because they asked what exercises I enjoy. I broke the word into parts. For "kick" I naturally decided to kick my foot in the air. However,  in order for all 80! students to see it, I had to kick it high. Unfortunately, my feet were really slippery, and my shoe flew off my foot, bounced off a window, and was caught by a student. Oh, dear!

2. Maybe worse though, I had posted a simple question, "What did you do this summer?"  with the statement base, "This summer I..." for students to try to complete. (This was very difficult for them.) Then I went to students and said, "Okay, let's ask this girl, what did you do this summer?" and "And this boy" and so on, calling on various students as I shuffled through the tight rows of desks. Well, unfortunately, I eventually came to one student  wearing a plain grey t-shirt, no indication of being female, manly facial features, very short hair with bangs cut in the diagonally slanted emo style that all the guys here have, and I said, "And let's ask this boy," at which point all the students shouted, "Girl!" Yeah... it was a girl. I felt so so bad.

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