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The timing was perfect. We'd just been given a huge watermelon by some friends who were running out on vacation. The next day, three students showed up for an afternoon together, two of them presenting more large watermelons. Now I, not being the biggest fan of this half-hearted, lightly sweetened, sad excuse for a fruit, thought, "What on earth am I going to do with these melons?"

It seemed like a great time to open up the freezer. Move aside, frozen meat, rock hard-bread, tray of ice-cubes: a watermelon's comin' on in! I showed that ridiculous wanna-be fruit who was boss, chopped it up, and tossed it into the freezer. And that was the beginning of the watermelon-mango citri-slushy experiment.

1 small watermelon cut into chunks
1 large mango
1-2 lemons or limes
1/4 cup water with 1/4 cup white sugar dissolved in it

Freeze the watermelon for about 2 hours, until it's hard, but not like a rock, more like a bunch of ice crystals. Now for those of us working without a blender, here's how this goes:
Put the now-frozen watermelon chunks in a big bowl.  Peel the mango and slice it into as small of pieces as possible, adding the small pieces and resulting juice into the watermelon bowl. Add a ladle-full of the sugar water, squeeze in the lemon juice, and just start slicing. Slide the knife repetitively through the chunks of watermelon, breaking them down and mixing the contents until a slush-like, evenly mixed slushy is created. Sip and enjoy.

Now, about those other two watermelons...
An Original Recipe

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