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This is one of those things that's probably too simple to be called a recipe. I don't really want to insult anyone by giving a step by step, but this was a great snack, in my opinion.

The problem: bagged popcorn has so much fat if you're living in a place without fat-free/ low fat options. Takes the fun out of eating a whole grain.

The solution: make it yourself.

A few years ago, Austin and I wanted to make our own popcorn. We were delighted to find that it was super easy, cheap, and healthy to make it in the microwave. The sole ingredient for making this snack is conveniently available here, too!

First, I just throw about 3 Bethany-sized handfuls of popcorn into a lunch sack (not available from the supermarket here, so I grab a few extra from McDonald's when we make it to the "big city"... oh the things I would have been too embarrassed to do not so long ago...
Then I simply microwave it for between 3 and 5 minutes, until the popping slows to just every few seconds.

Voila! I used to spray this lightly with my oil mister and then sprinkle salt on top. Now my oil mister has been destroyed but I still sprinkle the salt on.

I should note that I think this stuff is delicious, but I shared it with some friends once and they thought it tasted like Styrofoam. To each her own, I suppose.
Endnote: Cultural Phenomenon #847: In China, popcorn is a sweet food. It is sold in cups in many roadside shops, sweetened. Our students find it strange when they come to our home and we serve them salty popcorn.

Austin and Bethany Phenomenon #3987293: Sometimes when Austin and I are walking, we'll buy a cup of lightly sweetened popcorn and see how much we can eat by inserting our tongues into the cup and getting the popcorn to stick. Popcorn... such a fun food to eat!

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