"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing..." -Helen Keller
I recently subscribed to some e-newsletters from Better Homes and Gardens and a few other similar magazines, which means that now, every day or so, I get a few e-mails full of little decorating ideas, craft tips, and healthy recipes, all of which I find really exciting to browse, even if they're too difficult or impractical to every venture on my own.

But when I saw a picture of granola-covered frozen banana pops, I thought, "Now that's something I could do." As I type this, I'm still unsure as to whether I was mistaken.

So first, I put a bunch of granola in a shallow dish. I actually used some granola crumbs from Friday's granola bars. Then, I poured some peach yogurt (just one snack-size container) into another bowl and added 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon.
I put the banana halves on "sticks," actually just some thick mini-straws that are sold with the really thin yogurts in this country.
I then rolled the banana halves in the yogurt-cinnamon mixture.
And finally, I rolled the yogurt-covered banana halves in the granola bowl. The granola didn't exactly seem to stick very well to the yogurt-covered bananas, but there was no turning back at this point.

I covered the bananas with granola as best as I could, and then I placed them in the dish, pouring the remaining granola over top and placing the tray in the freezer for 2-3 hours. I'm not sure if it will stick once it freezes. Here's a picture of my granola-banana pop wannabes before I placed them in the freezer:
Go figure. Things I make rarely look as delightful as they did in the picture that inspired them.

And now we wait. I'm about to run some errands, do some running, and then return to see and post a picture of the granola-banana pop final product, as humiliating as that picture may be. Be back in a few hours...
If there's one thing I learned through the Asbury education department, it's not to do anything without proper reflection. So... In hindsight, I'd say these were good. A noble experiment. Perhaps the yogurt was a little thin (nothing I can really do about that here), but next time I do think I'll take more care to make sure the granola is more flaky... I think individual oats would stick better than heavier clumps of granola. They were very tasty though, and I will certainly be making them again to celebrate the warm spring & summer evenings. (We did need to let them stand 10 minutes after removing them from the freezer before eating them.)

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